Clare Sarah Johnson
Clare Sarah Johnson
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Want to flourish in this global,
exponential, ever-changing world?


Welcome. It’s good to have you here.

We’ve been born into an extraordinary time. And we’ve got some important work to do.

Humanity has entered an era of unprecedented growth. In the 21st century we will experience over 20,000 years’ worth of change*. This means the world as we know it will dramatically evolve in only a matter of years. As technological innovation accelerates exponentially, it’s crucial we’re able to level-up our human potential.


I’m Clare Sarah Johnson.

I am a Peak Performance Coach and Head of Client Experience for the world’s leading voice in Flow Science - The Flow Research Collective.

Our mission is to understand the science behind ultimate human performance and use it to train up individuals and organizations.

At the Collective, we are laser focused on decoding the neurobiology of flow. By understanding what is going on in the brain and in the body when humans are feeling and performing at their best—we can open up a new possibility for ultimate human potential.

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness where you feel your best and perform your best. Those moments of complete presence. Where self vanishes, time warps, and all aspects of wellbeing and performance soar. And the benefits of Flow are exponential.

Flow significantly boosts well-being, focus and productivity. It increases motivation and helps us learn and master new skills. Our creative problem solving abilities increase by over 400%.

It primes us for breakthrough insights. It primes us for solving big and complex challenges. The challenges of a global, exponential, ever-changing world.

Are you ready to level up?

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1:1 Peak Performance Training

This Executive Coaching series combines neuroscience, positive psychology and adaptive leadership theory to help you explore your higher purpose and unlock your optimal human potential.

Using a proven four-part framework it will teach you how to train for flow states, as well as anchor flow to realizing your highest, hardest goals. Flow is the peak mental state that fuels optimal well-being and peak performance. The result — extraordinary productivity, less struggle, no burnout.

Intimate and raw. Evidence based and results focused. A truly game—changing experience.


Zero To Dangerous

The World’s Leading Flow-Hacking Training delivered by The Flow Research Collective.

Learn the peak-performance secrets that Silicon Valley trailblazers, the US Navy SEALs and maverick scientists are using to invent the future and stay ahead of the curve.

Thriving Humans. Thriving Systems. Thriving Planet.

A self-leadership program for peak performance & optimal well-being. This program trains your mindset and nervous system to be calm, alert and purposeful in a global, exponential, ever-changing world.

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