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Want to flourish in this global,
exponential, ever-changing world?


Thriving Humans. Thriving Organisations. Thriving Planet.

A self-leadership program for peak performance & optimal wellbeing.

In an exponential world, we need exponential mindsets. Exponential mindsets feed off volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Exponential mindsets perform at 10x the rate of their peers. Exponential mindsets elegantly shift states to get the job done. And wisely master their nervous systems for optimal wellbeing and peak performance. If you’re a leader, parent, teacher, creative, intra-preneur or entrepreneur ready to elevate your mental wellbeing, raise your consciousness and level-up your performance (in every aspect), this program is for you.

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Perth Live Immersion

11-12 July / 15-16 july 2019

Applications open

Sydney Live Immersion

18-19 July 2019

Applications open

Brisbane Live Immersion

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It’s good to have you here.

We’ve been born into an extraordinary time. And we’ve got some important work to do.

Humanity has entered an era of unprecedented growth. In the 21st century we will experience over 20,000 years’ worth of change*. This means the world as we know it will dramatically evolve in only a matter of years. As technological innovation accelerates exponentially, it’s crucial we’re able to level-up our human potential.


I’m Clare Sarah Johnson.

I help individuals, leaders and organisations to flourish in times of immense change and uncertainty. I exist for the vibrant health and empowerment of each and every individual. Why? One reason. The world has some wicked problems to solve. And healthy people solve problems.

My methodology is centred around exponential thinking and training you to access the peak mental state known as Flow.

Flow is an optimal state of consciousness. Those moments of complete presence. Where self vanishes, time warps, and all aspects of wellbeing and performance soar.

The benefits of Flow are exponential.

Flow significantly boosts well-being, focus and productivity. It increases motivation and helps us learn and master new skills. Our creative problem solving abilities increase by over 400%. It primes us for breakthrough insights. It primes us for solving big and complex challenges. The challenges of a global, exponential, ever-changing world.


Using scientifically-tested principles my offerings are designed to:

  • Unlock high performance mindsets

  • Transition high performers into top leadership roles

  • Maximise innovation and creativity

  • Improve collaboration and communication

  • Build purpose and meaning in individuals & teams

  • Peak performance training using Flow states

  • Develop higher levels of cognitive and emotional intelligence

  • Future proof for burnout

  • Cultivate employee wellbeing and retention

  • Optimise performance and efficiency

  • Train resilience, grit and motivation

  • Elevate attention and focus


1:1 Peak Performance Training

This coaching series combines neuroscience, positive psychology and action learning to help you explore your higher purpose and unlock your human potential.

It will teach you how to weave Flow states through your days, months, seasons and years. Peak experiences that fuel optimal wellbeing and performance. The result — better work, less struggle, no burnout.

Intimate and raw. Evidence based and results focused. A truly game—changing experience.


Intensive Deep Dives

Designed for teams Deep Dive intensives will unlock exponential mindsets, maximise innovation and creativity, improve collaboration and communication, develop higher levels of cognitive and emotional intelligence, future proof for burnout and train for peak performance using Flow states.

Using an anti-fragile framework this is a scientific guide peak performance through the harnessing your neurobiology.

It will wire your teams for a future of flourishing.


Events & Workshops

Flow is not only useful, it is also fun. A whole lot of fun.

Explore Flow by immersing yourself in a curated program of Interactive Workshops, Lunch & Learns, Salons and Hosted Dinners that heal, connect and inspire. Discover like—minded people and engage in conversations that move you.


Divergent thinking lies at the heart of creativity. Working with people from all disciplines to generate the Group Flow that challenges wicked problems, spots synchronicity and identifies new solutions.

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