Flow for Creatives


So your career has finally taken off. You have honed your craft, done your time, paid your dues. You are killing it. You are now living the life you dreamed of - AND you are getting paid well for it. Really well. Offers are coming in left right and centre, you are in high demand. Things are really good. Well kind of…

Things should be really good. This is what you have been working towards for a long time. But there is one problem - you are on the brink of burnout. You haven’t spent quality time with your partner in who knows how long, you haven’t even had time to walk your beloved dog. Managing all those client relationships is taking every last bit of energy you have. And a glass of wine (or two) is the only thing getting you through the late nights of admin and accounts. The most fun you are having outside of ‘work’ is a guilty spending spree on another pair of shoes you just don’t need.

Surely this is not how it’s meant to be?

For most creatives, the biggest career challenge is getting to the top of your game while still enjoying the ride. Too often, the stresses, responsibility and pressure of running your own show weighs you down. What was once fun is now a struggle. And you lose track of what makes you come most alive.

All you want is a simple, reasonable method to play at the top of your game AND experience deep satisfaction, in other areas of your life. But they don’t teach that at art school….

The good news is, you are not along. This is the route of most people trying to make a career out of their art. The better news is… You CAN have it all. Peak performance AND optimal wellbeing are more aligned that you ever imagined. And this is where Flow comes into play. Those moments of total absorption. Moments where self vanishes, time flies, and all aspects of wellbeing and performance skyrocket. Flow is one of the biggest mysteries of our generation and it’s capable of improving EVERY aspect of your life.

The sad truth is... when life gets going and the struggle is real, most of us are not aware of how hard we are making life for ourselves. Most of us are not aware that that we can actually have complete control over how we both feel and perform. By understanding how our brain and bodies affect our heart and minds, we actually have everything we need to get out of our own way. Everything we need to thrive. This 1:1 Coaching program will show you how.

Different to other leadership or life coaching programs you may have come across or tried, this experience is experiential and experimental and replaces a lot of thinking with a lot of doing.

Over the three months you will learn:

  • How to enter the Flow state on command, where your performance, creativity and problem solving spike by as much as 400%.

  • How to wire your nervous system for Flow, which releases five of the most potent neurochemicals for motivation, learning and well-being—norepinephrine, dopamine, endorphins, anandamide and oxytocin.

  • How you can cut down the path to mastery in half while learning new skills in flow, so you can take what you learn from this program to accelerate your learning in everything you do from here on out.

  • Why the people who report having the most Flow in their lives also report having the highest overall life satisfaction of any population on the planet.

  • How to keep going even when you feel like quitting, and develop the understanding that you're really on the verge of breaking through to a whole new level of being.

  • New proven methods to relax, redirect and creatively solve life's challenges, when your initial approach doesn't work.

  • How to finally silence your inner-monologue that constantly undermines your efforts, actually get into the Zone and learn how to stay there.

  • How to move through from one challenge to the next effortlessly, while having plenty of time to deeply recharge.  

  • The most common things that keep people out of flow or knock them out of it when they do get there, so you can live your life in the Zone without risking losing your rhythm.

  • That you finally feel like you have enough time or energy to do what you want to, so you can do what you have to and still have an abundance of energy left over for the rest of the pleasures of life.

  • Your own tangible direct experience of your own deepest truth and joy, without judgement or dogma telling you what the experience is or isn't.

This 1:1 program combines neuroscience and action learning to guide practices designed to generate more Flow in your life. It distills all of the science, psychology, and physiology surrounding peak experiences and accelerated development. Simple and practical - it is applicable across all domains.

You will learn how to harness passion and purpose for intrinsic motivation by scheduling daily, weekly, monthly and annual peak experiences. Over time these peak experiences will form your personal foundation for Flow to manifest.

What’s Included

  • 6 x 90-minute video coaching sessions over 3-months.

  • Leading edge research, theory and models

  • N=1 peak-performance practice.

  • A road map to optimal wellbeing and peak performance. including a curated reading list, music playlists, Apps, movement and Navy SEAL breathing techniques and tools.

  • Flow Trigger Training Missions where you experience and experiment with what works for you.

  • Daily Brain Training Exercises

  • A Way To Rewire Your Nervous System

  • Weekly check-ins to ensure you are staying on track.

  • Program Guide Book to record your progress.

  • Copy of Stealing Fire written by Jamie Wheal & Steven Kotler

This program asks you to pay attention (to you) and do the work. Based on the best practice of peak performers, it requires you to take responsibility for your own learning.

Experimental and experiential, you will tweak and tune a liberating framework designed to kickstart a lifetime of exploration. From the bliss of peak experiences to the power of Flow states - this program is perspective changing, practice changing, game changing.

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