Workshop Two.

Activate Your Brand Purpose.

Once you have a purpose, you must bring it to life both internally and externally. Otherwise, purpose is little more than good intention. To go beyond surface purpose and create purpose with the power to transform, it must be integrated in the day-to-day experience of both employees and customers. Activating purpose requires employee-facing as well as customer-facing initiatives. Walking the talk is crucial.

This Activation step is about deepening and sustaining it. It’s about bringing purpose to life in a way that ensures the organization embodies it every day.

The Workshop

  • Philosophies and intentions.

  • Principles and practices.

  • Rituals and routines.

The Value

  • New & Agile Systems & Process

  • Development of Internal Change Agents & Meaning Makers

  • Trusting and Connected Workplace Culture

The Delivery

2-day discover workshop

+ 3 month activation plan (live or online) including:

  • Executive Learning & Organisational Design Thinking

  • Team Learning & Design Thinking

  • 1:1 Coaching across the organisation