Workshop Three.

Embed Your Purpose

We have the opportunity to up-level every aspect of our neuropsychology to reverse engineer our own best lives and do our best work.

Finally, we drop into beautiful and wild places by applying the neuroscience of flow states for optimal performance.

If the Activation step is about communicating and symbolizing purpose, this Embed step is about deepening and sustaining it. It’s about bringing purpose to life in a way that ensures the organization embodies it every day. We developed a proprietary model for turning purpose into relationships. It turns passion into profits by providing a North Star that aligns employees from the shop floor to the top floor.

The Workshop

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The Value

  • Individual Passion, Purpose & Grit

  • Elevated Mental Wellbeing (less stress, more energy, less micro states of PTSD)

  • Heightened inspiration, creativity & innovation in individuals and teams

  • Powerful Group Flow States

  • Meaningful Organisational Progress

The Delivery

3-6 month in-house delivery including:

  • Learning & Inspiration Workshops

  • Coaching for Individuals & Teams

  • Experiential Bespoke Flow Dojos anchored to Your Purpose