ONLINE: Thriving Humans. Thriving Organisations. Thriving Planet.

ONLINE: Thriving Humans. Thriving Organisations. Thriving Planet.


Thriving Humans. Thriving Organisations. Thriving Planet.

This 16-module online program will give you the knowledge, mindset and practices required to lead yourself and others to thrive in a global, exponential, ever-changing world. Using a four part concentric framework designed to strengthen and deepen over time, this program offers a scientific guide for optimal wellbeing and peak performance through the mastering of our human-ness: our brains, bodies, hearts and minds.

Course Delivery

16-week online learning curriculum
Week by week you will be guided through a four-part concentric framework - The High-Flow System for Growth.

  • Part l: Deep Connection

  • Part ll: Purpose, Meaning & Mastery

  • Part lll: High-Flow Lifestyles

  • Part lV: Integration & Evolution

16 x 60-minute live video masterclass
Watch training videos, listen to mp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Tune in live or access the training online from any desktop or mobile device anytime you like.

Two 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions
This is an N=1 experiment. A wildly personal experience. These 1:1 coaching sessions give you the opportunity to explore how a high-flow lifestyle looks for you and get personalised feedback and access unique insights throughout the course.

Four live video fireside chats
Tune into subject matter experts from around the world. An invaluable opportunity to dive deep, ask questions and connect into a planetary mindset.

Dedicated Reading List
Each part of the High-Flow System for Growth has a dedicated optional reading list relevant to the key learnings of the module to deepen your learning experience.

Live Q&As
Weekly live check-in where you can ask questions and clarify concepts.

Facilitated online community
The perfect way to ‘find the others’. Help each other grow and learn, ask questions, co-create - the possibilities are endless!

Lifetime access to course alumni
Full access to your local and global program alumni which will include ongoing panels, hosted conversations, salons, live masterclasses, webinars and more.