Thriving Humans. Thriving Organisations. Thriving Planet.


11-12 july 2019.
15-16 July 2019.

A self-leadership program for peak performance & optimal wellbeing.

Perth 11-12th July 2019 | Mello House, State Buildings of Western Australia

In an exponential world, we need exponential mindsets. Exponential mindsets feed off volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Exponential mindsets perform at 10x the rate of their peers. Exponential mindsets elegantly shift states to get the job done. And wisely master their nervous systems for optimal wellbeing and peak performance. If you’re a leader, parent, teacher, creative, intra-preneur or entrepreneur ready to elevate your mental wellbeing, raise your consciousness and level-up your performance (in every aspect), this program is for you.

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Course Overview

This 16-module program will give you the knowledge, mindset and practices required to lead yourself and others to thrive in a global, exponential, ever-changing world.

Using an anti-fragile framework designed to strengthen and deepen as the challenges get greater, this program offers a scientific guide for optimal wellbeing and peak performance through the mastering of our innate human-ness.

It will wire you for a future of flourishing.

Live Immersion: Mello House


Day 01
Session 01
Hosted 3-course dinner
(Buckle up, you are in for a wild ride)


Day 02
Session 02
9am - 12.30pm
Session 03
1.15pm - 3.15pm
Session 04
3.40pm - 6pm

Limited to 8 Awesome
Humans per cohort.

(Hurry! 3 Spots Left)

Course Delivery

Live Immersion
This is a day and a half live kick-off with the eight humans you will be journeying with over the next 4-months. Fully catered, including a 3-course dinner on the evening of day one, this experiential deep dive will introduce you to the key learning concepts and connect you deeply to your fellow travellers.

16-week online learning curriculum
Week by week you will be guided through a four-part concentric framework - The High-Flow System for Growth.

16 x 60-minute live video masterclass
Watch training videos, listen to mp3 recordings or read the text transcripts. Tune in live or access the training online from any desktop or mobile device anytime you like.

Two 60-minute 1:1 coaching sessions
This is an N=1 experiment. A wildly personal experience. These 1:1 coaching sessions give you the opportunity to explore how a high-flow lifestyle looks for you and get personalised feedback and access unique insights throughout the course.

Four video fireside Special Guest interviews
Tune into subject matter experts from around the world. An invaluable opportunity to dive deep, ask questions and connect into a planetary mindset.

Dedicated Reading List
Each part of the High-Flow System for Growth has a dedicated optional reading list relevant to the key learnings of the module to deepen your learning experience.

Live Q&As
Weekly live check-in where you can ask questions and clarify concepts.

Facilitated online community via Mighty Network
The perfect way to ‘find the others’. Help each other grow and learn, ask questions, co-create - the possibilities are endless!

Lifetime access to course alumni
Full access to your local and global program alumni which will include ongoing panels, hosted conversations, salons, live masterclasses, webinars and more.



Special Guests

(More announcements coming soon)

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Learning Platform

Learn anytime, anywhere through online, physical, social, live and simulated material.


Train Your Brain & Body

This training is a curation of the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology and leadership.
It encourages you to ‘live the questions’ that will give you the edge to:


Deep Connection

  • Practice radical self-awareness and self-compassion

  • Make the unconscious conscious - let go of unwanted habits and install new ones

  • Be in control of your emotions, impulses, desires and motivations

  • Develop eudaimonic wellbeing (meaningful happiness vs hedonic happiness)

Purpose, Meaning & Mastery

  • Activate purpose, experimentation & meaning

  • Enhance your creativity, implicit learning and imagination

  • Master optimism, grit and confidence

  • Train your attention and focus using mindfulness practices

Ultimate Human Performance

  • Access Flow states and train for a high-flow lifestyle

  • Nurture growth mindsets to reframe challenges

  • Train your weaknesses and reframe anxiety as excitement

  • Develop enhanced relationships and lead meaningful change

Integration & Evolution

  • Reset your nervous system

  • Avoid burnout or depletion

  • Push through comfort zones and plateaus (personal and professional)

  • Solve problems with adaptive solutions (rather than apply quick fixes)

Program Curriculum

Part One

Weeks 01-04

Based on the research of Robert Sapolsky, Carol Dweck, Martin Seligman, Brene Brown, Stephen Karpman, M.D, Roman Krznaric, Lisa Feldman-Barrett, Susan David, Russ Harris and Scott Barry-Kaufmann and Robert Keegan.

Fireside Chat: Nahum Mantra
A visionary artist working on earth and in space Nahum asks us to consider who we are, where we come from, and where we’re going. Using outer space as a lens through which to explore the wicked challenges we face here on Earth, this is an opportunity to radically shift your perspective, and start considering our realities through an entirely different mental model.

+ 01: Connection to Self, Others & Planet

  • The science of human connection & the evolution of self
  • From empathy, vulnerability and trust to creativity, innovation and growth
  • Radical self-awareness using the drama triangle
  • What it means to be a citizen of the planet

+ 02: The Pains of Change

  • Understanding organisations as living systems
  • Cultivating growth mindsets in times of change and complexity
  • Trust as the root of getting things done
  • Using play and experimentation to bring alive purpose and fuel innovation

+ 03: Reframing Chaos

  • Grit, resilience & perseverance: training your weaknesses
  • Making the unconscious conscious: hacking our in-built immunity to change and understanding how emotions are created
  • From fear to courage, excitement to anxiety: harnessing friction and pain points as a catalyst for growth
  • Raising the ceiling on stress triggers allowing for real-time adaptive decision-making

+ 04: Managing Different Perspectives

  • Challenging conversations: the positive no, yes, and…
  • The art and science of self-compassion and vulnerable strength
  • Human empathy in an age of robots
  • Managing polarised perspectives for the emergence of a new way

Part 2:
Purpose, Meaning
& Mastery

Based on the Theory of Motivation, Martin Seligman’s Theory of Wellbeing, Steven Kotler, George Leonard, Adam Leonard & John Vervaeke.

Weeks 05-08

Fireside Chat
The Crisis of Purpose & Meaning and how it intersects with our mental health epidemic.

+ 05: The Science of Intrinsic Motivation

  • Why humans are wired to seek out exploration, experimentation and learning
  • Flow as the source code of intrinsic motivation
  • What are humans motivated by?
  • Re-wiring the Seeking System

06: + Awe, Passion, Purpose & Flow

  • Using the emotion of awe to reframe everyday challenges
  • Autonomy + Experimentation + Purpose + Flow = Meaning
  • Developing wild imaginations and heightened creativity
  • Anchoring intrinsic motivation to the things that matter

07: + The Long Road to Mastery

  • Learning Styles: The Dabbler, Hacker, Obsessive and the Master
  • Riding the peaks and plateaus of growth and development
  • Peak performance over the long haul
  • From chasing peak moments to a deeper sense of satisfaction and fulfillment

08 + Meaning Making in the 21st Century

  • Meaning anchors in the 21st century and how this impacts on mental health
  • Infinite possibility vs existential risk
  • Hedonic (pleasure) wellbeing Vs eudaimonic (meaning) wellbeing
  • Using organisational cultures to activate meaning-making

Part 3:
High-Flow Lifestyles

Weeks 09-12

Based on the research of Steven Kotler , Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Keith Sawyer, Martin Seligman, Dr Andrew Huberman and Herbert Benson.

Fireside Chat
Making the unconscious conscious: exploring unconscious patterns and how they get in the way of us feeling and performing our best.

+ 09: Inspiration. Collaboration. Integration.

  • The history of peak performance and why it matters
  • What is Flow and why is it important?
  • The benefits of Flow: optimal wellbeing and peak performance
  • Harnessing Flow: In service of something bigger than ourselves

+ 10: Designing High-Flow Lifestyles

  • The Flow Cycle: struggle, release, flow, recovery
  • Understanding Flow triggers and how they show up for you
  • Tools, rituals and practices to design a high-Flow lifestyle
  • Positive psychology and showing up as our best selves

+ 11: Brains & Bodies, Hearts & Minds

  • Respiration, movement and cognitive literacy
  • Offline training for real time performance
  • The inhibiting relationship between fear and play
  • Leveraging exponential change for adaptive outcomes

+ 12: The Power of Group Flow

  • What is Group Flow?
  • The rules of improvisation: tacit understanding vs spontaneous innovation
  • Better than sex, you say?
  • Training for Group Flow

Part 4:
Integration & Evolution

Weeks 12-16

Based on the research of Dr Andrew Huberman, Nichol Bradford, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Dr Robert Emmons, Michael E. McCullough, Steven Kotler, Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky. 

Fireside Chat
Technology & the Future of Human Possibility: Engineering Human Flourishing

+ 13: Purposeful Integration

  • Engineering the future of human potential: exponential human-ness + exponential technology
  • Connection, mentoring and implicit learning
  • Creating frameworks for freedom anchored to purposeful progress
  • Designing meaningful feedback loops

+ 14: Establishing Enduring Adaptation

  • Avoiding burnout using the Flow Cycle
  • Prioritising recovery: why sleep is King and how to maximise it
  • Your brain on gratitude. Your mind on mindfulness.
  • Longstanding human and organisational adaptation

+ 15: Levelling-Up

  • Unlocking our human-ness - intuition, creativity, wisdom and joy
  • Pushing through comfort zones using the Skills / Challenge Ratio
  • Anchoring daily habits to being your best self
  • Dialling up, dialling down: knowing when to lean in and when to rest

+ 16: The Leadership of Tomorrow

  • A self-leadership mindset for leaders of tomorrow
  • Neuroplasticity and the impact experience has on our brains
  • Measurement & Evaluation: biometrics, psychometrics & performance indicators
  • Why lead in the 21st century?: In service of purpose, wellbeing, connection and meaning


(Yourself and others)

  • Unlock high performance mindsets

  • Transition into high performing leadership roles

  • Maximise innovation and creativity

  • Improve collaboration and communication

  • Cultivate employee wellbeing and engagement

  • Optimise performance and efficiency

  • Train resilience, grit and motivation

  • Elevate attention and focus

  • Cultivate employee wellbeing and engagement

  • Optimise performance and efficiency

  • Train resilience, grit and motivation

  • Elevate attention and focus



Early Bird Enrolment

Purchase today for $1850 + GST

(Available until 5 July 2019)

All prices are in AUD unless otherwise stated.

Your investment includes:

  • Live immersion - 1.5 day experiential workshop

  • Hosted 3-course dinner

  • 16-week online learning curriculum

  • Weekly 60-minute live lectures

  • Facilitated online community

  • 8 Expert guests

  • Weekly Live Q&As

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions



+ How much time will I need each week to complete this course?

There will be a 60 minute masterclass every week as well as activities you will need to work through. This is a life-time journey and your understanding of the content will deepen over time. I suggest you allow at least an hour / week to explore the learnings and then another 30 minutes to connect into your community online.

+ There is a lot of content, will I have ongoing access to the resources?

Yes. All resources will be downloadable and recordings of the masterclasses will be made available the same day as the live delivery.

+ What platform is the online content delivered on?

Introducing Mighty Networks. Founded in 2011 by Gina Bianchini (co-founder & CEO of Ning), Mighty Networks is an inspiring place to learn, connect and interact and enables events, groups, direct messaging, photos, videos, discussions and more. Available to use in a desktop browser or smart phone APP, it's one of the best things to come out of Silicon Valley for purpose led peeps on a mission.

+ What if I miss the live masterclasses?

That's ok. You can access the recording at any time and view at a more convenient time. The benefit of tuning in live is you will have the opportunity to ask questions in real time.

+ Why is the Live Immersion important?

Deep connection is a core theme of this work. One of the greatest gifts I can give you is access to a group of beloved fellow travellers. If you are unable to make the Live Immersion we also have an 100% online cohort starting on 23 July 2019. You can enrol in this here.