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from burnout to badass
28 June 2019 | 11am WST | 1pm EST

From Burnout to Badass

28 June 2019 | Free Masterclass

11am Western Standard Time / 1pm Eastern Standard Time

How to master your neurobiology for peak performance and optimal wellbeing

By 2020

stress related illness is predicted to be the leading cause of global disease burden.

300 million

There are 300 million people living with depression and/or anxiety world-wide.


of millennials say they sometimes feel burned out at work. That’s seven in 10 experiencing some level of burnout on the job.


of employees say they are sometimes, very often or always burned out at work.

Source: Gallup State of Global Workplace Report & The World Healthy Commission


Welcome. Fellow Traveller.

Burnout is a thing. A real thing we are often not prepared for.

When it hits, it hits hard. And it burns deep. It can take months, and often years to get back to baseline, let alone find the confidence to rise again.

The thing is, it’s preventable.

I am Clare Sarah Johnson. I research and educate people in the neuroscience of peak performance. What this means is I train people to take charge of their neurobiology so they feel their best and perform their best.

The latest findings show that learning how to get our neurobiology to work for us leads to a significant improvement in performance, and is intrinsically linked to increased wellbeing. This means purpose and meaning amplify, creativity and innovation soar, and nervous systems recover and reset.

It works. And is accessible to all humans.

My mission is to get this training to as many folks as possible. It has the potential to shift the dial on the mental health epidemic that is touching every corner of the globe.

This is a game-changing masterclass to learn how to future proof yourself against burnout and thrive in a global, exponential, ever-changing world.

Join Me.

“You can prevent-and reverse-burnout by changing how you manage and lead your employees.
If you don’t address the true causes of employee burnout in your organization, you won’t have
a workplace environment that empowers employees to feel and perform their best”.

- Gallup State of Global Workplace Report